Dante Alighieri (1265-1321),
From Inferno

The Inferno
The Structure of Dante's Hell


There are nine circles of Hell
Limbo is sometimes assumed to be "Ante-Hell", but those in Limbo are damned nonetheless. The circles in order from Limbo
down to Malebolge are:

1. Limbo
2. The Lustful
3. The Gluttonous
4. The Avaricious and the Prodigal
5. The Wrathful and the Sullen
6. Heretics
7. The Violent
8. The Fraudulent
9. The Treacherous

All of Dante's Hell can be categorized by the three following attributes:
Incontinence - includes all wrong action due to the inadequate control of natural appetites or desires.

Brutishness or Bestiality - is characteristic of morbid states in which what is naturally repulsive becomes attractive.

Malice or Vice - consist of those evil actions which involve the abuse of the specifically human attribute of reason.


i. carnality
iii. avarice
iv. anger


i. against neighbor
ii. against self
iii. against God


A - Simple Fraud or Malice
i. seducerers and panderers
ii. flatterers
iii. simonists
iv. diviners
v. peculators
vi. hypocrites
vii. thieves
viii. thieves
ix. sowers of dissension
x. forgers

B - Treacherous Fraud or Malice
i. against kin
ii. against country
iii. against hospitality
iv. against lords and benefactor